About Kathryn
Winner of the Georgia Romance Writers' 2020 Maggie Award for Excellence in the Unpublished Historical Romance category, Kathryn Amurra is the author of sweet and sensual love stories. Her Soothsayer's Path series of clean historical romance novels set in Ancient Rome includes Soothsayer, Admonition, and Birthright, all available on Amazon. Book Four (Guardian) is in progress. Her new series of paranormal romance novels, Heart's True Desire, is published through The Wild Rose Press. Book One, Amulet, released on April 3, 2024, and Book Two, Timeless, is tentatively scheduled for publication in 2025.

An intellectual property attorney by day, some of Amurra's best writing takes place between the hours of 10PM and midnight (or later), when she has "logged off" from her day job and her hubby and three girls are asleep.