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Winner of the Georgia Romance Writers' 2020 Maggie Award for Excellence in the Unpublished Historical Romance category, Kathryn Amurra is the author of sweet and sensual love stories. Her Soothsayer's Path series of clean historical romance novels set in Ancient Rome includes Soothsayer, Admonition, and Birthright, all available on Amazon. Book Four (Guardian) is in progress. Her new series of paranormal romance novels, Heart's True Desire, is published through The Wild Rose Press. Book One, Amulet, released on April 3, 2024, and Book Two, Timeless, is tentatively scheduled for publication in 2025.

An intellectual property attorney by day, some of Amurra's best writing takes place between the hours of 10PM and midnight (or later), when she has "logged off" from her day job and her hubby and three girls are asleep.

Sometimes Fate needs a little help.

Sometimes your heart’s true desire is the wish you never thought to make.

One Year and Counting!

July 1st marks the one-year birthday of this newsletter. When I sent out that first newsletter a year ago, I didn’t know if I would be able to hold to my unstated promise to send out a newsletter on the first of every month. Somehow, though, it all worked out, and here I am.

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Words to Live By

Over the course of my life, I’ve met a lot of people. I’ve seen a lot of actions taken and consequences ensue. The more I experience, the more I come back to a handful of old sayings I have heard over the years that I believe ring quite true. Here are my favorites...

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Another New Beginning

With a third of the year behind us, I thought it would be good to take a look back at the literary resolutions I made at the beginning of the year to see how I’m doing so far.

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A Sacrificial Love

The Greeks had several words for love, and we commonly hear about four of them: philia (friendship or affection); eros (romantic love); storge (familial love); and agape (selfless, unconditional, divine love). Any love, though, to be effective and complete, must have an element of sacrifice.

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Birthday Thoughts

I celebrated my 47th birthday about a week ago, and birthdays have a tendency to make us think about our lives. Of course, the more birthdays you’ve had, the more life you have to think about.

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An Interview with Julie

One of the wonderful reviewers I met during the process of finding bloggers to promote my books is Julie, the creator of the blog One Book More. She is a kind person--and also very creative, hard-working, and downright interesting. So, naturally, I wanted to learn more about her!

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Hope for the New Year

If I had to pick what I think is the most important feeling or emotion, it would be hope. Yes, I love reading and writing romance, and it may seem odd that I would pick hope over love for my “favorite” feeling, but I think Dostoyevsky is right. Human beings cannot live without hope. Despair kills people from the inside out.

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An Imperfect Love

The essence of romance is not finding (in literature or in real life) the perfect mate who will always treat his lover like a princess and never act irrationally or get angry or say hurtful things. Instead, romance is about two imperfect people who can see the imperfections in each other and, for one reason or another, can be okay with those imperfections.

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All in Good Time

I am a firm believer that often the very thing we need in our lives comes to us at just the right time. We meet the right people, who give us the right advice, at just the right moment in our lives when we can understand and act on that good counsel.

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Be Inspired

Everyone needs inspiration. No matter what our vocation—writer, parent, waiter, businesswoman, actor, plumber, student, accountant, cashier—we all need a spark every once in a while to help us do what we need to do with more joy.

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Keep on Trying

No reasonable person should expect to be really good at something the first time they try doing it. We all have natural inclinations, of course—some of us have an ear for music, some an eye for fashion, others an ability to understand mathematical principles with ease. But even “gifted” people in these areas work hard to hone their craft.

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A Bitter Pill to Swallow

Having someone tell you that something you did is less than perfect really stinks! This is especially true when that something is important to you, a thing that you truly love to do and want to do well.

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